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Experimental has been active as a netlabel from 2002 to 2009. All of the 25 releases can be found here - each release consists of one or more audio files, plus PDF file to print artwork for CD-booklet, inlay card, and CD-label.

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2003 The Expert
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set up and recorded by jochen kleinhenz at "5th scheune", gambach, may 2002. equipment used: bontempi hf 26 organ / adhesive tape. recorded to minidisc with a stereo microphone. "good times" is a somewhat dull adaption of the organ's brand/name. the "live" set-up consisted in fixating every second key down using adhesive tape, creating a single drone interfering with the surrounding noise. it's rather dominant in this excerpt as the mic is placed near the ground... Netlabel
2001 The Expert
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six different musical boxes playing 6 different christmas tunes. recorded directly to computer with a stereo microphone placed inside the boxes. carefully selected as single loops, then mixed and altered using time stretching and multi-layering. recorded and produced december 2001 at the attic. engineered by jochen kleinhenz.